Dream Interpretation: Peas

What is the dream of peas

for Tsvetkov’s dream book

personal calculation.

The meaning of the dream about peas

for Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed that you scattered peas, this indicates that you yourself are to blame for the disagreement with the partner. Tearing the pea pods in a dream – you strive for pleasures without delivering them to anyone and without making any effort to do so. And it’s impossible. If you want to have fun, bring it to another.

What peas dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

marriage of convenience; disadvantageous business.

I dreamed of peas

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that you eat peas means good health and an increase in income. To peasants and their wives this dream portends vigorous activity. To see growing peas in a dream means successful entrepreneurship. Sowing peas is a sign that your hopes are solid and will be realized. Seeing a pea harvest in a dream promises you the fulfillment of plans: soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labors. To see canned peas – predicts that your brilliant hopes will be very uncertain for some time, but in the end you will succeed. There is dried peas – portends resentment and neglect, which will follow successes. To see dried peas means that you are waiting for a lot of fatigue.

What are the beans dreaming about

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

to quarrel.

Bean dreamed

from Miller’s dream book

This is a bad dream. Seeing growing beans is a sign of sadness and illness for children. Dried beans mean deep disappointment in many matters. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that illnesses in your family and environment will soon be possible. To dream that you eat beans means failure or illness of a dearly beloved friend.

Dream Interpretation: Maiden

A virgin dreamed

from Miller’s dream book

To see a virgin in a dream means that you will have relative success in your affairs. A married woman who sees herself in a dream as a virgin – predicts that she will be tormented by remorse over her past, but the future does not promise her good luck. If a young girl sees in a dream that she is no longer a virgin, then the dream foreshadows that she will be able to maintain her reputation and show prudence. A man to see himself in company with a girl – means that he will fail in the performance of some business. Unfulfilled promises made to other people will bring him worries and upset things.

Dream Interpretation: Pond

I dreamed of a pond

according to Miller’s dream book

If you dreamed of a pond, it means that future events will not bring you grief, and fate will allow you to keep a calm view of things. If the pond is dirty in a dream, you are expected to have house spats or someone else’s disease. If you dream of a clean pond full of playing fish, then in reality your business will go better than before, and you will have fun. Falling into a clean pond is a sign of undeniable good luck and mutual love; in the dirty – an unfavorable dream.

What does the pond dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

in lilies – gain through loss; in duckweed – travel by land, by land; beautiful, deep pond, source – to love; beautiful wife.

What is the dream of a pool or a pond

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

(with naked swimmers) – the return of old love. see the pond

To dream of a pond

by Loff’s dream book

The dream of swimming or relaxing on the shore of a pond is the most desired dream of fulfillment for many people. Rest and rejuvenation in nature seem like a wonderful prospect. However, those present in the pond with you may indicate events that take place without your participation in real life. Assessment of the message transmitted in a dream depends on those people who are in the pond, as well as the general topics and interests that; unite you with these people in real life. Perhaps you should not watch, but join them? Do you feel the need to join bathing instead of standing aside and limit yourself to sunbathing. An unattractive view of the water may indicate a specific situation, depicting the body of water as something that you were drawn into against your will. In that. In the case of people bathing in a pond, there may be those people who enjoy your trust, but whom you have concerns about.

Dream Interpretation: Wrinkles

Dreaming wrinkles

according to Loff’s dream book

According to an African legend, death entered the world as follows: “Long ago, people could shed their skin like snakes. Everyone did this and lived forever, restoring their youth. One day, a woman forgot that she needed to do this and put on her old skin again, and death came to the world. ” Dreams of wrinkles can be troubling because they create images of old age and death. You may feel that in real life you are wasting time, and your subconscious mind reminds you that life is short. Another option for sleeping on wrinkles is accelerated aging, in which it appears that your skin dries out or becomes wrinkled in a few minutes. This dream reminds you that in moving towards your goals in life you do not become younger. These dreams can be troubling, but it is not necessary at all. Dreams of such a plan often serve as a means for your mind to say, “Hey, the time has come for something new” and to encourage you to take steps in this direction: change your old hat to a new one. Are you at some level resisting the aging process? Do you feel like others are preventing you from showing the qualities or wisdom that are usually inherent in your age? Are you experiencing a revival or elimination of the “old” restrictions?

Why do you see wrinkles

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

popularity with the other sex.

Dream Interpretation: Cashier

A cashier had a dream

from Miller’s dream book

To see a cashier in a dream means that soon some strangers will show their rights and demand what belongs to you. If you owe someone, then try to cheat in your plans, threatening the well-being of some wealthy people.

I dreamed of a bank

from Miller’s dream book

Do not see busy cashiers at the bank – portends loss, frustration at business. To give gold money to the bank means levity, carelessness, negligence; to get them is a huge profit and prosperity. To see silver and banknotes collected in large quantities means respect and good fortune. You will enjoy the deepest respect in all walks of life.

Dream Interpretation: Click

Why dream of clicking

on Tsvetkov’s dream book

nuts are difficulties.

The meaning of sleep is about clicking

on Freud’s dream book

If in a dream you heard someone snapping their fingers, then you don’t understand your partner’s sexual desires, although he constantly hints at what he wants and what doesn’t suit him. Try to be less selfish and take the utmost attention to the emotions of your loved one. If you yourself snapped your fingers in a dream, then it’s impossible to understand you, although it seems to you that you are very clear about letting you know what you want from sex.

Dream Interpretation: Fox

Dream a fox

from Loff’s dream book

The fox is a cunning beast. Therefore, if you see a fox in a dream, then either you yourself have its characteristic qualities, or become a victim of those. How do you feel about this symbol – wary or with pleasant feelings? Regardless of whether you like this image or not, it determines your understanding of the world and your relationship with it. If a fox appears before you as a rival, then the object that it is trying to take from you may become a determining factor for interpretation. The appearance of a fox in a dream signals that somewhere in your life there are qualities that are inextricably linked with this animal, and either these qualities come from you, or you experience their effect on yourself. Is there anyone else with similar qualities surrounded by a fox? Is there anyone else in the dream who is wary of you?

What is the dream of the fox

in Tsvetkov’s dream book

secret enemy, enmity; kill the fox – victory; to iron – danger; in the house – an evil woman or evil from a woman; deception.

I dreamed of a fox

from Miller’s dream book

To dream of a fox hunt means that you will engage in dubious deeds and risky love affairs. If in your dream a fox secretly enters your yard – this is a warning: beware of envious people. Your reputation is at stake. To kill a fox means that you will win in any business.

To see a fox in a dream

from the animal dreambook

The fox is a symbol of cunning, longevity, fertility, hypocrisy and vice. The tricks of the fox are the tricks of the devil in the Christian tradition. The red fox is a fire demon in Rome. In North America – a symbol of deception. In Scandinavian mythology, the fox is associated with the god Loki, the god of cunning, deceit, deception and impermanence. In China, fox ku-li is one of the symbols of longevity. It is believed that at the age of fifty, foxes can turn into a woman, in a hundred years old – into a young girl. The fox knows what happens at a distance of a thousand li and can affect the human mind, turn it into an idiot. When a fox turns a thousand years old, he becomes a Heavenly Fox, tien hu with nine tails. Heavenly Fox can take the form of not only women, but also men. In Japan, white fox is a symbol of abundance. The fox figurines were installed at the entrance to the temple; in his teeth he usually has the key to the barn with rice. Where there is no fox, you cannot establish a village – a Chinese proverb.