Dream Interpretation: Fireplace

Why do we have a fireplace

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

burning – a good service; cooled down is a lost place.

I had a fireplace

from Miller’s dream book

To see a fireplace in a dream means something very unpleasant will happen in your life. You will receive a too hasty message about the disease. Going down the chimney promises sadness. Seeing a fireplace overgrown with ivy or vine, portends the happiness that awaits you after sadness and loss of relatives. Seeing a fire burning in a fireplace means that something very good is happening for you. Hiding by the fireplace – grief and doubt will visit you, things will be upset. For a young woman to dream that she is going down the chimney, portends that she will do something inappropriate that violates the rules of decency, which will cause the horror of others. Climbing up – says that she will be able to avoid some kind of trouble prepared for her. If you dream that you see a stand for firewood in the fireplace, then this is a sign of your future good relations with friends. To glance in a dream in an empty fireplace without fire and wood – portends various sorrows.

What is the stove dreaming about

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

see Hearth, Fireplace, Kitchen.

Dream Interpretation: Atonement

Dreamed of atonement

from Miller’s dream book

Such a dream means that you will have a happy conversation with friends. Exchange dealers should not be afraid of falling stocks on the exchange. Youth flirting will end in a happy ending. Someone’s sacrifice or atonement for the sake of your whim portends either your own humiliation or humiliation of your friends because of your explicit or secret neglect of duty. A woman after such a dream should be afraid of disappointment.

Dream Interpretation: Park

Why the park is dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

relaxation and new perspectives; closed gates, being locked – lost opportunities; beautiful – fulfillment of desires; for a woman – date, love; see Garden.

I dreamed of a park

by Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are walking in a well-kept park means a pleasant leisure time ahead. If you walk with your lover, you will be calm and happy in marriage. An ugly park deprived of greenery and grass is a sign of unexpected setbacks.

To dream of recreation parks and carnivals

by Loff’s dream book

As a place of sleep for recreation parks evoke a dual feeling: the best and worst memories are associated with them at the same time. This is a place of fun entertainment, which, at the same time, can be associated with the deplorable consequences of dizzying rides – nausea and vomiting. The image of the carnival evokes a variety of delightful and frightening images, and sometimes a beloved or close to us people, for example, parents who hate carnivals, but who endure this action for their sake, feel fear. As a result, the ideal picture of a cheerful and friendly family pastime turns into a scene of aggression. Who did you come to the carnival with and how do you spend time there? Carnivals are a place where you feel free from conventions, reckless and reckless. The state of lack of control and permissiveness at the same time can give you the feeling of flight and the splendor of life. Often it is associated with sexual experience. Such free behavior sometimes horrifies people who in real life are accustomed to being guided by reason and stay within the bounds of decency. With carnival processions are inextricably linked whirling and fast driving. So, a ferris wheel – provided that you are not afraid of heights – is a signal from your body that it is time to stop spinning like a squirrel in a wheel and return to a more relaxed life. What do you associate with rides? In other words, what is your life like a roller coaster, carousel or any other attraction? Perhaps there is no attraction in the park that you would love to ride on. What associations does this attraction cause and why do you want to ride it so much?

Dream Interpretation: Brothers Or Sisters

Dreaming brothers or sisters

from Loff’s dream book

Dreams about brothers and sisters are a fairly common occurrence. If you have brothers and / or sisters in life, it is assumed that they will be present in dreams about your family. Work on the interpretation of a dream begins if one of your brothers and / or sisters is absent or if in a dream you suddenly have brothers and / or sisters that do not exist in reality. If the absence of a brother or sister existing in real life is one of the central moments of the events taking place in a dream, then perhaps this reflects your perception of the family as a whole. If you or your brother’s sister does not get along with your family, then a dream of an incomplete family reflects a break in family relations with one or more individuals. Sometimes, if you tend to identify with colleagues at work, they may appear in the family as a new-found brother or sister. If the solution proposed in your dream is quite acceptable for you, then this may portend a constructive partnership. However, this event may cause little concern: in dreams of this nature, you may feel that the new brother and sister penetrate too deeply into your life and claim too close, from your point of view, family relationships.

Dream Interpretation: Stove

Why dream of a stove

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

sadness, quarrel; warm and without fire – illness, swelling; disappointment and sadness; collapsed – good news, joy; change for the better; hopes will be fulfilled, but sorrows will go away; see Fire.

What is the dream of the furnace

in Tsvetkov’s dream book

bread for sorrow; someone bakes – a sign of good luck.

I dreamed about a stove

from Miller’s dream book

If a woman dreams that her stove is red-hot, it means that she is beloved in her own family and appreciated by friends for her sweet and selfless disposition. If she bakes something – temporary disappointments await her. If the stove is broken, a dream foreshadows her great concern for children. Always a dream in which you see a heated stove portends good luck, and a cooled stove is a sign of future complications and mistakes in relations with people. If you burn yourself on the stove, then the wiles of your opponents from the business world await you in reality.

What is the dream of

in Tsvetkov’s dream book


The meaning of sleep about the dough

according to Freud’s dream book

Knead the dough yourself in a dream – in sex you prefer to take everything into your own hands to feel more confident. Try to give at least once the leadership role to your partner, the sensations will be no less acute. In a dream, to see how the dough fits, you have been waiting for a romantic date for a long time, and it will go as you wish, provided that you do not force things. Buying dough in the store – for some reason you are not satisfied with your sex life and are sure that the reason is your inexperience in relationships. You will want to change this situation, but do not trust too much all kinds of books and brochures.

Dream Interpretation: Planet

Dreamed of a planet

by Miller’s dream book

If you dream of a planet, you will have an exhausting trip and joyless work in reality.

Dreamed of Mars

from Miller’s dream book

To see Mars in a dream means that your life will become miserable and hardly have any value due to the rude attitude of friends towards you. Enemies will also seek to offend and ruin you. If in a dream you see yourself rushing towards the planet Mars, you will develop the ability to understand people and reason correctly, gradually getting ahead of your friends in learning and a strong life position.

What is the earth dreaming about

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

covered with greenery or moss – rich marriage; dig – to the fast funeral; to lie on the ground – minor troubles; dig (if soft earth) – the quick completion of affairs; gave land – wealth, prosperity, depending on size and type; beautiful, picturesque and very well-groomed land – a beautiful wife and a happy marriage; underground passages (long walks) – difficult achievements of honor and wealth; desperation and criticism harm business; to get lost in underground passages is an quick profitable road; the earth moves – happy changes.

I dreamed of the earth

from Miller’s dream book

To see fertile land in a dream is a good sign; but if the earth is barren and rocky, then failures and setbacks await you. If you dream that during a sea voyage you suddenly saw the land far away – this is a wonderful dream, portending the sudden brilliant prospects that open before you. Seeing freshly excavated land in the garden promises you prosperity and well-being. If your clothes are dirty with earth, then you will have to leave the house, escaping from illness and the prosecution of the law.

Dream the earth

according to Loff’s dream book

The image of the earth different variety of interpretative meanings. Mother earth and mother nature are two idiomatic expressions used to describe the earth as a source of life. In a dream, the earth represents the source of our being. In some cases, the earth conveys our feelings about shelter, home comfort or rejection, or it can be a dream from the category of so-called “chaotic” dreams – about the end of the world. Dreams in which you are seized by fear of nature may be the result of the impact of newspaper headlines.

What is the dream about the earth

from Wang’s dream book

To dream good, fertile land – the prophecy of a good harvest and a comfortable life. If you dreamed about desert land, then in the future humanity will face a terrible famine as a result of a long drought. To dream about the whole Earth in cracks is a harbinger of a powerful earthquake that will take hundreds of lives. People anger God – and he will shake the Earth. Seeing in a dream a ball flying towards the Earth is evidence that soon an amazing secret will be revealed to you. Apparently, you will make contact with the inhabitants of another planet, as a result of which you will tell the world a lot of new and interesting. If you dreamed about the Earth covered with ice, then in a not so distant time icing awaits our planet. A long winter will come, and the earth will be covered with ice crust for several years. Being in a dream on a small island, on which many people are with you, is a harbinger of a demographic crisis. Discovering a new land in a dream is a sign of good luck in all matters.

Dream Interpretation: Palm Tree

The meaning of a dream about a palm tree

according to Freud’s dream book

To see a palm tree in a dream – your innermost desires are destined to come true soon. You will be able to bring this time closer if you do not force events, but surrender yourself to the will of fate.

I dreamed of a palm

from the dream book of plants

It symbolizes victory. Means the solar beginning, glee, honesty, fame. Since the palm always grows directly, it is a blessing, a triumph, a victory. “Never dropping leaves, a palm tree is always decorated with the same greenery. People consider this force of this tree to be acceptable and suitable for the image of victory” Plutarch. It is also the Tree of Life and, being self-reproducing, it is identified with the androgyne. As a phallic symbol, a palm means masculine strength and fertility, but if it is depicted with dates, it is a feminine symbol: “Your camp is like a palm tree, and your chest is like grape brushes” Song of Songs. The palm tree, bearing good fruit in old age, symbolizes longevity and prosperity in old age. Arabia: The Tree of Life. China: retirement, dignity, fertility. Christianity: the righteous who “will blossom like a palm tree”; immortality, and in this sense it is sometimes portrayed together with the Phoenix; divine blessing, the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem; the triumph of the martyr over death; paradise. Palm branches mean glory, triumph, resurrection, victory over death and sin. In early Catholicism, it was a funerary symbol, as well as an “attribute of a person who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, hence the word“ pilgrim. ”The emblem of St. Peter the Hermit, depicted with a palm branch in his hand, and many martyrs. Palm-sized, originally“ palm ”Sunday celebrated in honor of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem Egypt: “calendar” tree giving a new branch once a month. Greece: emblem of Apollo Delphi and Delos. Jewish tradition: righteous, emblem of Judea after the Exodus. Sumero-Semitic tradition: Dre about Life, the emblem of the Phoenician Baal Tamar, the Lord of the Palm, as well as Astarte and the Assyro-Babylonian Ishtar.

Dreamed of bananas

from Miller’s dream book

To see bananas in a dream “Promises you communication with an uninteresting and unpleasant companion. There are bananas – a tedious but risky undertaking in business and self-imposed new responsibilities. To see rotting bananas means that you will soon take up some unpleasant business. Trading them means that soon you will be carried away by useless trifles.

Dreamed of a gun

according to dreambook Mill Era

This is a dream of misfortune, trouble. Hearing the sound of a gun means a possible loss of work and mistakes in the management of enterprises. If you shoot someone, dishonor awaits you. If you dream that you were shot, unkind people will cause you concern. Maybe you are waiting for a disease. If a woman hears a gun palm in a dream, then in reality there may be scandalous incidents that will create an unimportant reputation for her. For a married woman, this dream promises troubles in which the fair sex will be guilty.

The meaning of sleep about a banana

according to Freud’s dream book

It symbolizes the masculine principle, it is clearly interpreted like a phallus, so the interpretation of sleep will be intended only for the beautiful half of humanity. So, if you dreamed about how you ate a banana, then in sexual life you have no reason to worry. You are satisfied with your current relationship and take the future positively. If in a dream you pluck a banana, it means that in a sexual plan you seek to dominate a partner, to play a leading role in a pair. It can be argued that sometimes you perceive the male organ as an insult to your female dignity and for this reason you want to rule over it. Feminism. Where to go? If you dreamed about how you peeled a banana, then in real life you sometimes visit the desire to deprive a man of his strength. Why are you so angry with him?

Dream Interpretation: Square

Why is the square dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

meeting, a gathering of acquaintances; beautiful square, illuminated – everyone remembers you; empty – security.

The meaning of sleep about the bazaar

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed about the bazaar, then in real life you have an amazing ability to have a promiscuous sex life . You are irresponsible and constantly confused in names, because you are no longer able to remember the number of sexual partners. Isn’t it time for you to get an appropriate card index with a brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of your lovers (lovers)?

What is the dream of the bazaar

of Tsvetkov’s dream book

social life, leisure; see Market.

What is the market dreaming about

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book


The meaning of sleep about the market

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed of a market, this portends a quarrel in the family on the basis of domestic problems. Life, unfortunately, is capable of poisoning all the most tender feelings, so you need to learn to put up with minor inconveniences and perceive them as a transitory phenomenon.

I dreamed of a market

according to Miller’s dream book

If you dream that you are in the market, it means that you will show frugality and great activity in all areas of activity. Seeing an empty market is a sign of depression in business and mental humiliation that you must deal with. To see rotting vegetables and meat on the market portends a loss in business. A young woman seen in a dream, the market portends a pleasant change in her fate.

Dream Interpretation: Worm

The meaning of a dream about a worm

according to Freud’s dream book

To see earthworms in a dream is a change in relations with someone dear and close to you. If you put a worm on a hook in your dream when you were going to fish, then you need to urgently change your clothing style, which everyone around you has long been accustomed to, and you do not surprise them with anything. If you continue to dress like this, the subject of your sympathies will not very soon turn its attention to you. Crush a worm in a dream – for women, this dream means the claims of some very persistent boyfriend, with whom you will need to behave very sharply – only then he will understand that you are not interested in his person. If such a dream was seen by a man, it means that he needs to treat his wife with great confidence and not suspect her of cheating at every step.

Dreamed of worms

from Miller’s dream book

To see worms in a dream means that you will be dejected by the low intrigues of dishonest people. If a young woman sees in a dream that they are crawling on her, the dream suggests that her aspirations and hopes will always be connected with something material. If she kills or dumps them, then in reality she will be able to get rid of lethargic immersion in the world of material and property interests and will strive to live in a world of spiritual and moral values. Using worms in a dream as a fishing lure – portends that, thanks to your ingenuity, you will be able to capitalize on the mistakes of your enemies. Sometimes a dream about worms prompts one to take up one’s health.

Why do worms dream

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

sudden death; crawling on the grass – the anger of friends; watch out for frivolity.