Dream Interpretation: Garlic

The meaning of sleep about garlic

according to Freud’s dream book

In a dream, smell the garlic or see someone eating it — you like a person, and you think that he has reciprocal feelings for you. Alas, in fact, this person is indifferent to you and completely not disposed to communication. Do not force events – the subject of your dreams simply will not understand this; moreover, he may be afraid of you. If in a dream you yourself ate garlic, it means that thoughts about a possible betrayal to a partner are more often visited by you, and this happens because the married life seems too fresh to you, ordinary. Try changing something yourself, bringing something new to your bedroom, and then, perhaps, everything else will not seem boring to you.

I dreamed of garlic

according to Miller’s dream book

Seeing in a dream that you are weeding a bed of garlic – portends an elevation from extreme poverty to a prominent position in society. This dream portends to a young woman that she will marry not by love, but by calculation. If you dream that you eat garlic, then the dream portends that, having taken a prudent life position, you will abandon your previous ideals.

What does garlic dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

(see) – protection against squabbles; health; is – squabbles with relatives; misfortune; collect, buy – an unpleasant sharing with loved ones. Brier-danger.

Dream Interpretation: Traveler

Why does the traveler dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

loss; separation from the house.

A traveler dreamed

Miller’s dream book

To see a traveler in a dream means that you make a useless long trip, you will only lose money. This dream promises women pleasant and unexpected meetings.

A foreigner dreamed

Miller’s dream book

In a dream, seeing a stranger that you like means good health in the future and other favorable circumstances. If you do not like him, expect disappointments. Seeing yourself in a dream as a foreigner means true friends.

A tourist dreamed

Miller’s dream book

If you see yourself in a dream as a tourist, you will soon take part in some fascinating business that will take you far from your home. A few tourists, seen in a dream, portend a new, but unstable work and uncertainty in love.

Dream Interpretation: Bike

What is the dream of the bike

in Tsvetkov’s dream book

to go – a sign of delayed deeds; steal is a secret meeting.

I dreamed of a bicycle

on Miller’s dream book

In a dream, riding a bicycle up the hillside means brilliant prospects. If a woman goes down the mountain, it means that you need to take care of your good name and health. Failures, misfortunes, may be somewhere nearby.

The meaning of sleep about a bicycle

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed about how you rode a bicycle, know that this is an uncharacteristic sexual relationship for you. But if you fell from a bicycle in a dream, then in the near future fail in sex. It is possible that you simply cannot do anything – and your partner (partner) will be disappointed.

Dream Interpretation: Spoon

To see a spoon in a dream

from Miller’s dream book

To see a spoon in a dream portends that you will have great luck: long-awaited peace and peace will come in family life. Using a spoon for food warns that you will not be able to make a long-planned purchase. If you drop a spoon in a dream, you will be charged with misconduct that you didn’t commit.

Dreamed about devices

from Miller’s dream book

To see or use during sleep with spoons – a good sign that predicts good luck. Household chores will bring you joy and satisfaction. If in a dream it seems to you that you have lost a spoon, it means that they will suspect you of some kind of evil act. Stealing a spoon in a dream is a sign that you are reprehensible for stinginess and petty nit-picking at home. Broken and dirty spoons in a dream are a harbinger of loss and misfortune.

What do spoons dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

well-being; wash – gossip; on the table – to the guests.