Dream Interpretation: Strangers

Dreaming strangers

from Loff’s dream book

Strangers in dreams can be a pretty difficult puzzle. In most cases, these are simply faces and images taken from the list of persons whom we know in person and by name sometimes they represent our own internal essence or internal entities. The images of strangers can open our eyes to how we perceive the world. Different theorists offer numerous explanations to who these characters are and how they penetrated our souls. To interpret any dream it will be useful to arrange the list of participants in the action. Inner entity / inner entities as strangers. Carl Jung has theorized that in I am a female complement to a male personality and a male complement to a female personality. These additions are psychic projections that come to us in dreams. When a stranger appears in a male dream, her behavior may be a projection of the female side of a dreaming person. This is exactly the opposite, true for women who dream of male strangers. These strangers rarely have a sexual desire for a dreamer, although, in principle, this is possible. More common is sincere friendship. Understanding these characters is useful because in this way we will learn how we want others, especially people of the opposite sex, to perceive us, and therefore what we fear in their perception. The second aspect of such a character, personifying the internal essence / internal essence, is the desire to express what we probably cannot express in real life. Women in their dreams can see a character personifying their inner essence, who, in compensation for a feeling that he cannot show in real life, shows terrible anger. Similarly, men can have characters personifying their inner essence who cry from the pain caused by their life, a manifestation of emotions that they do not consider possible to be awake. These strangers are often friendly to us: they can help, protect or provide information to solve problems. If they cause concern, then often because they act in the way we ourselves would like to be able to act. Displaced strangers. At the same time, your dream moves your face from one type of relationship with you to another. Example: A well-known celebrity becomes your brother or sister. A more common example is the boss or teacher as a parent. In addition to personal roles, emotions can move. This is especially true for cases of anger or sex drive that are suppressed in real life. Strangers personifying incubus / succubus demon. These are strangers-lovers who are in a dream to have sex with a dreaming incubus comes to a woman; a succubus comes to a man. They often represent the extremes of sexual experience. These are either idealized lovers, in an emotional and physical sense, or demonic and repulsive personalities used to divert you from waking up what you think is bad for you. Shadow strangers are strangers of the same gender as the dreamer, with negative qualities of the dreamer. Most often, these negative qualities are presented in extreme form. This is a very useful situation for understanding ourselves. Each of us has negative traits that we try not to demonstrate in public. Sometimes we even develop denying objections in our ego, refuting the presence of low-lying sides of our personality. These shadow strangers are in our dreams to indicate our weaknesses.