Dream Interpretation: Pit

Why do I dream of a hole

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

danger; to see how someone dug up – a cooling of feelings (if one is familiar), trouble, material or personal; to get into a hole – to have a relationship.

The meaning of a dream about a hole

according to Freud’s dream book

To dream a hole – despite all your efforts, the secret will soon become apparent and you will suffer for hiding the truth for so long. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with such an explanation is treason, infidelity in relation to a marriage partner. However, this is not necessary. It may well be that once upon a time you had the experience of same-sex love, but then you were ashamed of what happened and did not begin to tell anyone about it. So – the pit you saw in a dream symbolizes the fact that everything will “come out” out. If in a dream you fall into a hole, it means that you are on the verge of some act that is not entirely good from the point of view of generally accepted morality. Maybe you met a person who you really liked, and would like to move on to more informal forms of communication? You are stopped only by one big “but” – your responsibilities to your spouse (or spouse). Jumping over a hole – you and your partner have some kind of problem in your intimate life, but it seems difficult to discuss it. Thus, every time you get to a “difficult place”, you try to pretend that nothing “like” happens, that everything seems to be in order. You jump over the problem, as if through a hole you dreamed about. If you dream that someone is sitting in a pit, it means that you have a certain sadistic beginning, you want to possess and rule in bed. Well – it’s great if your partner likes to obey.

What is the dream of a brass band

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

litigation; quarrel.

The meaning of the dream about the conductor

by Freud’s dream book

Seeing yourself as a conductor indicates that you have a dominant role in your intimate life. It is from you that the initiative and suggestions come. You do not let your relations fade, but you want them to open in full. Your partner (partner) is too inactive and passive to offer a counter option. While this situation suits you, but someday you’ll get tired of it.

Dreamed of a ditch

by Miller’s dream book

Falling into a ditch in a dream – to a decline in business and personal loss; but if you jump over it, it means that by your behavior you will make you forget the suspicions of your once committed sins. in a dream in a ditch – to a decline in business and personal loss; but if you jump over it, it means that your behavior will make you forget the suspicions of your once committed sins.

Dreamed to dig

from Miller’s dream book

See earthwork in a dream means that a difficult but by no means poor life awaits you. If, digging a hole, you find some sparkling valuable gizmos, then this promises a favorable turn of fate. But to find vast emptiness in the pit – means that you will be pursued by true misfortunes. The water that filled the pit that you dug up means that despite your most intense efforts, the state of things does not obey your will.

Why dream of digging

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to death; dig out something – to master in the personal; someone digs – find out the secret; see Digging.

In a dream, see the orchestra

according to Loff’s dream book

The orchestra everywhere marks beauty and sophistication. Even those who do not like classical music recognize that the orchestra is a sophisticated and sophisticated musical machine. Dreams about your participation in the orchestra may reflect a sense of harmony or disharmony with the world. Perhaps you have a great desire to demonstrate your abilities in any area of ​​real life. If the conductor of the orchestra is familiar to you by a colleague or boss, a family member, acquaintance, and so on, then the relationship between the conductor and you can shed light on the extent of such a craving. Attending a concert with an orchestra may be romantic in color depending on who your companion is. There may be a hint of your desire to take a break from the daily routine and find rest in the music. It is also possible that this dream is a dream of fulfilling wishes, if as a child you took music lessons, but you could not take part in public performances as an adult.

I dreamed of an orchestra

by Miller’s dream book

Dreaming that you play in the orchestra portends fun entertainment. This is a sign that your dear beloved will be faithful to you. Hearing the sounds of the orchestra means that your humanity in any circumstances makes you a very attractive person, and fate will be infinitely favorable to you for a long time.

Dream Interpretation: Aster

I dreamed of an aster

from the dream book of plants

It symbolizes the departing beauty. The Chinese mean beauty, charm, modesty, humility and elegance. The ancient Greeks symbolize love and are dedicated to Aphrodite.

The meaning of sleep about aster

according to Freud’s dream book

Asters symbolize simplicity, modesty, tenderness. So, if you dreamed that you were breaking asters, it means that in reality you find your happiness and find harmony only in union with unambitious people who are modest and tender towards you. Therefore, your sex is sometimes too excessive alertness and trepidation. Have you never wanted to experience an explosion of passion?

Dream Interpretation: Chief

To see a boss in a dream

by Loff’s dream book

Relationships with a boss in a dream can have two interpretations: 1. A person dear to you who is not related to your work, for example, A spouse, sibling, parent or close friend becomes your boss. If someone from a non-working environment becomes a boss, most likely you think that this person puts excessive pressure on you and controls your life too much; with your secret permission, relations with this person pass into the plane of dominant control on his part. The place of action of such a dream can be either a place of work or a completely absurd situation. And the place where you and your newly made chef work is connected with the area in which you experience excessive control on his part. 2. Consider the reverse transformation – your boss becomes your brother or sister, spouse or someone else who is completely far from the role of a career mentor. If the boss breaks into your personal life in the image of a loved one, it may be time to evaluate your work: workaholism is a destroyer of many families. If your work has filled the place allotted to other people in real life, most likely it’s time to evaluate the emotions invested in it. A positive aspect of such a dream can be the collegiality displayed in it or a warning about the depletion of emotional resources caused by your work. In conclusion, we say that if you dream of your boss in the usual working environment, then for some reason you are in a state of stress at work. Generally speaking, having dreams about your work – especially if it is an unremarkable dream in the present time period – is a sign that you have earned or are not doing the job on time.

I had a responsibility

according to Miller’s dream book

To engage in a responsible activity in a dream means that you will achieve success, albeit insignificant, in trading operations and legislative activity. If you see yourself in a dream as a member of some important company, then such a dream promises the successful implementation of your very risky plans.

Why dream about managing

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

(by something, by someone) – losses.

Why dream of chairing

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Dream Interpretation: Parrot

I dreamed a parrot

by Miller’s dream book

A parrot chatting in your dreams promises you empty lessons and idle gossip among your friends. To see a parrot in a calm state portends long periods of peaceful silence in family disagreements. To a young woman who dreams that she has a parrot, the dream portends that her lover will assume that she has a bad temper. To teach a parrot to speak means that you will have troubles in personal affairs. A dead parrot portends the loss of friends.

I had a dream of a poultry

by Miller’s dream book

Dreaming a tame poultry is a sign that wasteful habits will significantly reduce your money security. If a girl chases a domestic bird in a dream, it means that she will waste her precious time on empty amusements.

What is the dream of a bird

from Tsvetkov’s dream book

game – see the cooked – good luck; there are small benefits;

What the bird dreams of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

a guest or a message (depending on the type and behavior of the bird); proposal for a woman; to kill or injure a bird – to great failure; bird’s tail – consequences; bright plumage – luck in love; flying ones – to wealth; predatory for hunting – honors; changes in life; a lot of birds – a lawsuit; flies – the higher the better the dream; catch – acquisition, marriage; swamp – danger; night – loss of loved ones or money; pecks seeds – small pleasures; the plan will come true a little later (for good reason they say: a bird pecks a grain of wood); patience will be rewarded.

Dream Interpretation: Rainbow

Why a rainbow is dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

see Light.

I had a rainbow

from Miller’s dream book

To dream of a rainbow is a forecast of unprecedented happiness. Your business will receive promising support, and the harvest will bring a bountiful harvest. If lovers see a rainbow in a dream, it means that their union will be unusually happy. A rainbow, spreading low over the green crowns of trees, promises unconditional success in all endeavors.

What is the dream of a rainbow

from Vanga’s dream book

In a dream, this image symbolizes the divine sign, predestination from above, forgiveness, reunion. A dream in which you saw a rainbow appear in the sky after rain means that something beautiful and amazing will appear in your life. If in a dream you saw a fading rainbow – this dream portends you separation from loved ones or loved one.

Dream Interpretation: Eyebrows

Why eyebrows dream

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

profitable business; rare, falling out – deception in the personal; thick – success; beautiful, thick – to fame.

I had eyebrows

from Miller’s dream book

To see someone’s eyebrows in a dream means that unexpected interference will get in your way .

What are the dreams of eyelids

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

misfortune among loved ones.

What are the dreams of eyelashes

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

long – intimate happiness; absent – betrayal; invoices – someone else’s secret; take it out and blow it off with your finger – the wish will come true.

I had a dream

by Miller’s dream book

To dream of a beautiful open face with an ingenuous look means that you can without any fear to participate in the entertainment that will fall to your lot in the near future. But seeing an ugly, gloomy, and angry face portends undesirable events. If you dream that you admire the beautiful complexion, it bodes luck, unexpected, but pleasant events. A poor complexion portends a disappointment. To dream in a dream thick ugly lips on someone’s face – to hasty and rash decisions. Pleasant smiling full lips – portends harmony in relationships, abundance in the house. Loving such a dream promises reciprocity. Thin lips mean that you will easily master the upcoming difficult situation. Inflamed, swollen – a sign of future unhealthy desires, deprivations and illness of someone you know. The happy faces around you in a dream are a very auspicious dream, but the environment of gloomy faces is for future anxiety. An unfavorable dream in which you see your face or that of a stranger – it promises you sorrows. Seeing the reflection of your face in the mirror is a sign of imminent dissatisfaction with yourself because of the inability to organize yourself and finish what was planned. status; no face – to humiliation or loss (not without reason they say “lose face”); without a body, to see through a window or around you – very big changes with a good outcome; wash your face – regret; obscure – bad news; to see in water is death; in glass – malaise, dead end in business; look at your face – thoughts in personal, for divorce; ugly face – to a quarrel with a loved one, beloved; to see the beloved face of the beloved – to rupture, separation, regret; or someone from the past; old own face – means the former, the former in life; see Old Age, Aging and Younger; a large, close-up of his face – a bad reputation, conceit; covered in something – to the death of one whose face; see Mirror; your big face hovers in the air – changes due to sleeping, divorce; wounds, ulcers on the face – slander, danger to reputation; if you see in the mirror (with wounds) – an illegal child; to get wounds (especially with blood) is a blessing from the one who caused it.

I had a forehead

according to Miller’s dream book

To dream of a beautiful smooth forehead – it promises you to strengthen your reputation what your reasonableness and desire for justice will contribute to. An ugly forehead promises you dissatisfaction with yourself: personal affairs will be in decline for some time. If you stroked a child’s forehead in a dream, in reality your worthy deeds will cause others to praise you. If a young lady in a dream kisses her friend’s forehead, it means that ridiculous rumors will soon embroil them for a short time.

What is the forehead dreaming about

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

own – deceived hopes; in wrinkles – care; smooth stranger – love affair.

I had a tweezers

from Miller’s dream book

If you dream of tweezers, then in real life you will have a very sensitive situation that will upset. Your friends will behave inappropriately.

I had a dream

from Miller’s dream book

To dream of your own nose means that you will show strength of character and realize that you You will be able to complete any business you have chosen. If in a dream your nose seems too small for you – you will find a failure in business. Hair growing on the nose means extraordinary enterprises that are made possible by the strength of your character or will. A bleeding nose seen in a dream is a sign of unhappiness for anyone who sees this dream.

What is the nose dreaming about

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

big – patronage and wealth ; small – injustice; lose – divorce, death; grabbing by the nose – success in love; swollen – unkind wealth; stuffy nose – deception, gossip, theft of loved ones (not for nothing they say, they say, lost his nose …); politics – to the betrayal of subordinates.