Dream Interpretation: Eclair

The meaning of sleep about eclair

by Freud’s dream book

Cook eclairs in a dream – you feel anxiety for one of your friends. This alarm, in general, not crafty, can be called jealousy: it seems to you that this person has come under bad influence, you want to help him break out of this captivity, albeit sweet. However, you should not do this: from your overly diligent efforts, your friend will want to do everything in defiance. There is an eclair – you are on the verge of an important event, for you will read a dream in the near future to experience previously unexperienced emotions. Only one small “but”: you need to prepare for the fact that the way in which you are fortunate enough to experience bliss will be unusual for you. In no case do not give up this pleasure!

I dreamed of a sweet cream

from Miller’s dream book

If a married woman sees in a dream what she is doing or eating sweet cream – means that soon she will have to receive an unexpected guest. The young woman who saw this dream will meet a stranger, who will eventually become a close friend. If the cream is too sugary to taste or completely tasteless, then nothing but chagrin awaits you.

Dream Interpretation: Drunk

I had a dream drunk

from Miller’s dream book

If in a dream you feel drunk, it means that in life you will be set up in a frivolous way and you will not feel any special remorse for avoiding life’s difficulties. Sleep foreshadows the loss of work. Seeing drunk other people in a dream means that you are equally frivolous about the behavior of your colleagues. Such a dream warns you of possible complications: you should be more comfortable with perceiving someone’s insinuating flattery and not lose your head. A young woman has a dream in which she feels that she is intoxicated, promises an act that she will regret.

I had a drink

from Miller’s dream book

If a woman sees having a funny drink in a dream means that she is involved in things that can discredit her, although she currently enjoys and enjoys it. If she dreams that, despite her efforts, she can’t get drunk with clean water in any way, then she will not receive any joy or satisfaction from the enterprise into which she is persistently drawn into.

I dreamed of intoxication

by Miller’s dream book

Dreaming of drunkenness in a dream means that you indulge your desire for pleasure.

Had a dream of vodka

by Miller’s dream book

In a dream, falling under the influence of vodka means that soon you will be having fun and noisy wasting time and money in the company of friends. This dream is always a harbinger of wasted time and energy in dubious pleasures

Dream Interpretation: Priest

What does the priest dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

well-being, messenger.

The priest dreamed

according to Miller’s dream book

A priest in a dream is a harbinger of illness. If in a dream you see him busy with service, it means that you will have illness and anxiety. If a woman dreams that she is in love with a priest, then she should be wary of deceiving her dishonorable lover. If a priest in a dream achieves her love, then she will be reproached for her excessive addiction to entertainment. Confessing to a priest in a dream is a sign of impending humiliation and sadness. This dream means that you have done, or will do, something that will further disturb you and your family. The priest or preacher is your spiritual mentor, and any dream in which they appear before you serves as a reminder of your own vices and weaknesses, so that you are more strict about your actions. The dream in which you see a priest, but do not talk with him, warns you of someone’s enslavement. If you do not take this dream as a warning, you will fully obey someone’s will. Talking with a priest in a dream promises you high honors in the future. A dream in which the priest looks sad and tired warns you of a possible evil.

Why do you have a dream about the priest

from Vanga’s dream book

To see the magnificent a priest reading a prayer is a sign that it is time to turn to God and repent before him for all his sins. If in a dream a priest blesses you, then soon you will receive the support of an influential person. Sometimes such a dream prophesies success in all endeavors. The dream in which you saw yourself in the dignity of a priest means that you are called to Earth in order to bring good to people. You are destined for the minister of the church. If you dreamed of a Catholic priest, then in the near future you will find a change. You may need to make difficult choices or make difficult decisions. If a priest crowns you in a dream, then in real life you will have a happy, calm life with your loved one. Confessing to a priest in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that soon you will find yourself in a very difficult situation. You can only get out of it if you resort to the services of your influential acquaintance, who, before giving you all possible assistance, will require an explanation of what is happening, which you will be silent for a long time.

What does the confessor dream of

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

impending impending misfortune.

Dreamed of absolution

by Miller’s dream book

If a woman sees absolution in a dream – she cannot avoid unwanted comments about her behavior.

The meaning of the dream about the wedding

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dream of a wedding ceremony, this indicates that you can’t imagine sexual relations without love for a person. You cannot go to bed with him even for pleasure. Your feelings towards you are important to you. And yours – to him.

Why do I have a dream about a wedding

by Wangi’s dream book

A wedding in dreams is like a test of your feelings for your loved one. In a dream, attending a wedding of a young couple – in reality, once again relive a heightened sense of closeness and kinship with their other half. If you dreamed that you were getting married, then this does not predict you so much legal and carnal as spiritual union with a worthy person with whom you will go along a common path, share troubles and joys. In a dream, acting as a priest performing a wedding ceremony – in reality, experience a shock associated with a premonition of a disaster threatening a loved one. Such a dream warns: do not interfere in ongoing events. They are not subject to you because they are in the power of God.

What is the dream of confession

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

the approach of trouble; trouble through enemies.

What is the dream of a confession

by Wangi’s dream book

If you confess in a dream, then waking up will commit an unworthy act, for which I’m ashamed, but you will hide it from everyone, although you will experience and repent in your soul. The dream in which you profess someone as a priest predicts a difficult period when many of your friends and acquaintances will need your help, but it will not be easy for you to console them. For the soul will be restless and you have to torment with them. To listen to someone’s confession in a dream – in reality there will be a long conversation on the topic of faith, religion, which will make you think again about your attitude and life position, because it will affect the innermost strings of your soul.

Dream Interpretation: Conductor

The meaning of a dream about a conductor

according to Freud’s dream book

Seeing yourself as a conductor indicates that you have a dominant role in your intimate life. It is from you that the initiative and suggestions come. You do not let your relations fade, but you want them to open in full. Your partner (partner) is too inactive and passive to offer a counter option. While you are comfortable with this situation, but someday you will get tired of it.

Dream Interpretation: Muscle

I dreamed of a muscle

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that your muscles are well developed means that you will have unusual fights with enemies in which you defeat by destroying their evil plans, and you will achieve good luck. If the muscles you saw in a dream are flabby, then you cannot succeed in things you were almost sure of. A woman such a dream portends hard work and need.