Dream Interpretation: Pig

Why does a pig dream

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

success, wealth; much is notoriety; wallowing in the mud – quarrels in the house, jealousy and greed of the opposite sex.

The meaning of sleep about a pig

according to Freud’s dream book

In a dream, ride a pig – to an unusual pastime when you, on the one hand, will be pleased, “on the other, you simply won’t know how to relate to what happened. To dream of a dirty pig – you lack cleanliness in relationships. Every now and then you come across rudeness and neglect, although, in general, everything is in order – your partner treats you well, but for all that, what you have is a lot does not coincide with your idea of ​​how a loving person should relate to someone he loves.

The meaning of a dream about a boar

according to Freud’s dream book

It symbolizes a rude masculine principle that dominates you in real life. So, if a man dreamed of a boar, then in his intimate life he is more often rude and persistent than affectionate. And his tactics of behavior in bed most of all resemble an act of attack and enslavement, since only such a model of behavior can cause him additional emotions and feelings. If a woman dreamed a boar, this means that her current partner is not at all tender. He is rather rude in bed, as he is completely unwilling to waste time on preludes that are unnecessary, from his point of view. He does not consider it necessary to prepare a partner for sexual intercourse. Most likely, he does not have the slightest idea of ​​how to treat a woman properly so that she receives not only the highest, but generally at least some pleasure.

The meaning of sleep about a boar

according to Freud’s dream book

The appearance of this symbol in your dream indicates the violence and even cruelty that are present in your intimate life. If you dreamed that a wild boar was attacking you, then this dream testifies that in reality you are unhappy with your sex life and feel that you are fulfilling your partner’s wishes against your will. Fighting in a dream with an angry boar portends that soon you will quarrel with your partner because of different views on intimate life. Reconciliation after a quarrel will be very turbulent with strong passions. To see a running boar in a dream – at present you are busy with your own affairs, therefore you do not have time and opportunity to relax, your dream is evidence of this. You subconsciously feel a lack of sexual release, so leave everything to rest and you will feel like a completely different person.

What is the boar dreaming about

from Tsvetkov’s dream book

dangerous enemy, dangerous enmity, bad rumors.

Dream Interpretation: Seaweed

The meaning of sleep about algae

according to Freud’s dream book

They symbolize your relationship with your partner. Therefore, if you dreamed of algae, this means that in real life you are tired of each other and sex no longer pleases you, as it more closely resembles duty or duty. You go to bed as if to fulfill a duty, dreary and bothering. The dream suggests that it is time to disperse, at least for a short time, or to come up with and use completely new ways of stimulation, some kind of sexual games.

Dream Interpretation: Shame

Why shame is dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book


Why shamelessness is dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to fame, recognition.

I had a conscience

from Miller’s dream book

In a dream that you are tormented by conscience because of complete deception, means that people will tempt you to do something bad. You should be constantly on the alert. Feeling in a dream that your conscience is clear, portends a high general opinion of you.

I had a shame

from Miller’s dream book

If you are ashamed of the shameful behavior of children or your friends – it portends to you unfulfilled hopes in the future. Anxiety torments your heart. The very same to experience dishonor, to fall into disgrace is a sign that in reality you will neglect the rules of morality and straightforward behavior, thereby jeopardizing your reputation. In addition, detractors will squint at you.

Dream Interpretation: Milking

Why dream of milking

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

himself – a rich acquaintance; to see how milked is a new affection.

What cheese is dreaming of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book


I dreamed of cheese

according to Miller’s dream book

To dream that you eat cheese means great disappointments and sorrows. For a while you should not hope for anything good. Cheese is usually a bad dream, prompting mobilization of the spirit.

What is the goat dreaming about

from Tsvetkov’s dream book


К what does sour cream dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

income, luck; for lovers – an early marriage.

To see a goat in a dream

from the animal dream book

Embodies courage, an abundance of vitality, creative energy. A goat can change places in the sense of symbolism with a gazelle or antelope. Living on the heights, he also personifies superiority. Goat means female productive power, fertility and abundance. In the Chinese, the goat is a homophone from the yang and becomes a masculine principle, good and peace. In Christianity, a goat is a devil, a damned, a sinner, lust and inconstancy. The “scapegoat” is Christ, laden with the sins of the world. In the Greco-Roman tradition, a goat means masculinity, creative energy, and lust. Dedicated to Zeus Dictinos, who was fed by the goat Amalthea, whose skin became his shield, and the horn – a cornucopia. The wild goat is dedicated to Artemis and is an attribute or one of the looks of Dionysus. Satyrs are half goats and have goat horns. Pan has legs, horns and a beard of a goat. The goat is also dedicated to Faun. In Jews, the goat represents lust and profligacy. For Indians, a goat is a fire, creative fervor. Along with the ram, it is an attribute of the Vedic god of fire Agni, who rides on a goat. In Scandinavian and Teutonic mythology, the chariot of the god of thunder and the fertility of Thor is harnessed by goats dedicated to him. In the Sumerian-Semitic toaditia, the goat often appears with Marduk and the goddess-hunters and is the emblem of the Babylonian Ningirsu. A goat, or goat fish, personifies the lord of the water abysses of Ea Oannes.

I dreamed of a goat

by Miller’s dream book

In a dream, see goats hanging around your farmstead means the weather is seasonal and the grain yield is excellent. Such a dream may also mean your prudent behavior in the future, which will lead to an increase in wealth. If a goat butts you – beware of your opponents, who are eager to penetrate your plans. For women, riding a goat means that misbehavior can greatly damage her reputation. If a woman drinks goat milk in a dream, she will marry a rich man and will not be disappointed. If you dreamed of a kid, this promises you a neglect of scrupulousness in matters of morality, but this dream warns: you can become a source of grief for hearts that love you.

What is the dream of a cow

in the dream book Tsvetkova

care; pursues one – to an unexpected inheritance; to see a herd far away is a good sign.

A cow

according to the Ayurvedic dream book

Milking a cow in a dream is a sign of wealth. If a cow chases you in a dream, it means that your enemy will take you by surprise.

I dreamed of milk

from Miller’s dream book

that you drink milk means a rich harvest for the farmer and contentment in the house; for a traveler, it is a sign of a future successful trip. This is a very favorable dream for women. To see milk in large quantities means the wealth and health that await you ahead. Distributing milk – portends that you will show benevolence, seeking your own benefit. Shedding milk means that you will experience light losses and suffer from temporary disasters. The same effects in sleep, where you see unclean milk. Drinking sour milk in a dream means that you will be troubled by the suffering of your friends. To dream of people trying unsuccessfully to get milk, means that you should be careful not to lose something very important to you or the friendship of a high-ranking person. Drinking hot milk in a dream – portends a struggle, in the end of which you will achieve wealth and fulfillment of desires. To dream that you are bathing in milk means the pleasures and company of close-minded friends.

Why milk is dreamed

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book


Dream Interpretation: Garbage

I had a dream about garbage

from Miller’s dream book

To see garbage in a dream means that you will do a poor job. Large piles of rubbish portend public life concerns. Failures in business, humiliating situations in relations between people are also possible.

Why do you dream of trash

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

big things; sweep trash out of the house — you will sweep yourself out or someone else.

Had a trash

from Miller’s dream book

To see trash in a dream means a lot of almost insoluble tasks and meager reward, feeling of discontent. To see a burning pile of old trash – portends income from an unexpected source. A pile of broken furniture is a warning against unreasonable actions that can lead to disaster.

What is the dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

the expected will come true; to bring – an inheritance; sweep a heap – to money matters.

Dream Interpretation: Acid

I dreamed acid

from Miller’s dream book

Drinking some acid is an unfavorable dream that brings you a lot of anxiety. For a woman, drinking acidic liquids means that she can trap herself in compromising ways and even undermine her health. To see poisonous acids means that you will soon find betrayal.

What is the dream of lemon

in Tsvetkov’s dream book


Meaning sleep about vinegar

according to Freud’s dream book

In a dream, smelling vinegar is a mistake. If you started dating a certain person, then it is better to terminate all relations now, because this is not what you need. Drinking vinegar – because of your carelessness, you risk falling into a very difficult position, you will be in danger. The conclusion is to try to think more about your own safety.

Dreamed of vinegar

from Miller’s dream book

Drinking vinegar in a dream – portends the unrest associated with your consent to participate in the case from which you do not expect anything good. If in a dream you cook vegetables with vinegar, it means that your business will be upset.

Dream Interpretation: Jungle

Dreaming the jungle

by Loff’s dream book

The jungle hide their essence in the thicket of their own shell. This is a place of confusion and complexity. It’s enough to recall the famous metaphor “impenetrable jungle”, which conveys how unpredictable, inscrutable and potentially dangerous are the ways of this world. Being in the jungle means looking for some kind of treasure, sacred knowledge, which is usually stored in well-hidden, inaccessible places. The danger associated with the jungle is another reason why valuable objects are hidden in the jungle. Difficulties on the path to wealth or wisdom only add to their value. The densely built-up urban areas are also the embodiment of the jungle. How do you perceive the jungle in reality – as opposed to human progress or as a source of danger? For some, the jungle is a place of beauty of pristine nature, for others it is the embodiment of mystery and danger. Who is in the jungle with you? Who brought you there? What are you looking for there?

The meaning of sleep about the jungle

by Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed about how you got lost in the jungle – then in real life you are not You can figure out the relationship with your partner (partner). The reason for the complication of the relationship is your selfish sushi. nost. You do not want to understand the other person and are only concerned about your interests.

What are the thickets dreaming of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

for changes in personal life; spiky, thick – be careful in changes; got out – a place in a dream will be a waking place.