Dream Interpretation: Yula

The meaning of sleep about Yule

by Freud’s dream book

Start Yule – you will meet a person who will cause you very strong sympathy and desire. However, if you find yourself in bed with this “sexy guy”, you will be disappointed with his temperament – he will be so weaker than yours that you will have to spend more than one hour to “warm up” this ice. If in a dream you see a child playing a jule, then you simply do not have enough affection and tenderness; you are looking for a warm relationship with your loved ones, but they are too busy with themselves to pay attention to your “dislike”.

What is the dream about Yule

from Wang’s dream book

To dream of an inactive yule is a sign of stagnation, apathy, depression, which will not pass soon. If the yule spins in a dream, it means that in the near future the events in your life will develop so quickly that you will not have time to ponder what is happening. Such a rhythm will lead you into confusion and confusion, but then understanding and comfort will come. Run Yule in a dream – in reality you will feel the need to change something in your life, and this should be spiritual improvement, spiritual work.

I dreamed of a spinning top

from Miller’s dream book

To see a spinning top in a dream means that you will become entangled in empty chores. Seeing a spinning top means that you are wasting yourself on trifles. A spinning top also means indiscriminate friendships that can lead you into a dead end.

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