Dream Interpretation: Politician

I dreamed of a politician

from Miller’s dream book

To dream of a famous politician means that you will find yourself in such an environment and among such people where you will waste time ineptly. If you get involved in a political debate in a dream, it means that some misunderstanding and feeling unwell will be used by your friends not to your advantage. If a girl is interested in politicians in a dream, such a dream warns her from cheating.

Dreaming politics

from Loff’s dream book

Politics and the current political situation are an integral part our daily lives. At both local and state political scales, we are afraid of becoming victims of violence from others, and we are enthusiastically accepting news of breakthroughs on various political fronts. Your participation in a political dream may indicate a desire to attract the attention of others, your choice, as well as a desire to gain support from others. Perhaps you are competing with others for access to limited financial resources or emotionally asserting yourself. Have you or anyone else initiated political events that occurred in your dreams?

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