Dream Interpretation: Necklace

Why dream of a necklace

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

trouble; unpleasant connection.

I dreamed of a necklace

according to Miller’s dream book

If a woman dreams that she receives a necklace as a gift, this is a sign that she has a loving husband and a wonderful home. Losing the necklace means that she will have to experience the bitterness of bereavement early. Seeing a beautiful necklace on yourself – portends you high honors, of which you will doubt the right. This dream portends a few not very sincere fans to a woman.

The meaning of sleep about a necklace

according to Freud’s dream book

If in a dream you wore a necklace, then In reality, you are subordinate to your partner in everything. Even if it seems to you that this is correct and that it should be so, you are mistaken. Obedience and absolute submission deprives you of the chance that he will respect you. Now he likes to feel the power over you, but then your oriental complaisance will surely annoy him and he will not feel the same enthusiasm anymore. >

sadness; vain hopes.

I dreamed of jewelry

according to Miller’s dream book

To see broken or broken jewelry in a dream portends a sharp disappointment that you will survive when you reach your desired goal . This dream may mean that soon loyal friends will cheat on you, and worries about business will fall only on your shoulders.

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