Dream Interpretation: Deafness, Blindness, Loss Of Ability Of Feelings

Why dream of deafness, blindness, loss of ability of feelings

according to Miller’s dream book

It is not clear to lose why one of the sensory abilities is not at all like to be injured in an accident, Bezo for any reason, the image disappears. Such a dream makes you wonder if you are able to cope with the responsibilities that daily life imposes on you, in addition, such dreams reflect a person’s unwillingness to assume the role of a HERO. The role of the hero can be quite intrusive, and it is not necessary that you accept it with joy. Suddenly, a sense of duty and responsibility awaits you in relation to those with whom you are not bound by any obligations in life. This makes the situation difficult. Many of us are simply trying to fulfill our responsibilities towards people around us. Another variant of the unfolding scenario is a loss of sensitivity in exchange for something or someone. The notorious expression “I would give a lot for …” expresses a person’s desire to exchange his ability to feel for something more valuable. Note that our mind often uses the principle of exchange to help us test the relative value of relationships and objects. Such losses often carry a touch of martyrdom, especially in cases of loss of sensory ability as a result of illness. Loss is perceived as an adequate replacement for something that was obtained during sleep or in real life.

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