Dream Interpretation: Bowl

Why is the cup dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

life, fate; for the poor and sick – to deliverance; brings unknown who is forced change; (no wonder they say “drink the cup to the bottom”); full see – success and prosperity (“life is a full cup”); empty – a vain hope; drink from the cup – released by fate; carried by – to deliverance; see Cup, Glass.

What are the dreams of the scales

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

power, promotion.

I dreamed about the scales

according to Miller’s dreambook

If you dream that you are weighed on the scales, this means that a sense of justice will soften your temper, as well as the fact that your prosperity will go uphill. If in a dream a girl weighs her lover on the scales, it means that in reality she will reveal serious virtues in him, and his devotion will balance her love.

I dreamed a cup

according to Miller’s dreambook

To see a cup in a dream means pleasure that you will receive by accidentally upsetting your loved ones. To break the cup, the cup – portends failure in an attempt to gain power with the support of a friend.

What is the cup dreaming about

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

(the woman dreams that she brings water) – a secret passion; with wine – an obsession with passion; see Drink; gold is pride.

What is the dream of a vase

in Tsvetkov’s dream book

promise; with flowers – a love promise; with fruits – business promises, temptations; empty – empty promises and hopes.

I dreamed of a vase

from Miller’s dream book

To see a vase in a dream is a sign that many pleasant events await you in family life . Drinking in a dream from any vessel, cup – portends to you the joys and sorrows of secret love. Seeing a broken vase predicts a quick misfortune. To receive a vase as a gift to a young woman means that she will achieve the fulfillment of her cherished desire.

Why do I have a dream about a vase

by Vanga’s dream book

The vase is symbolic the image in a dream of a vessel of the soul. If you see a beautiful clean vase, it means that a pleasant experience awaits you, nothing will spoil your peace of mind, you managed to find harmony and now it is important not to lose it. In a dream, breaking a vase is a very bad sign that portends heartache and bitterness, your heart will break with pity and powerlessness, but you will be powerless to change anything. A vase of flowers means that you yourself, without knowing it, will help a person in trouble a lot by just talking to him and sharing your thoughts.

What are the vessels dreaming of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

the end of alarms; see the Cup.

Dreamed of a glass

by Miller’s dream book

Seeing a glass portends a serious disappointment that will unsettle you for a long time. Drinking water from a silver glass means failure in business affairs. If you are considering antique glasses – you will find the favor of strangers and favorable offers from them. Forbidden pleasures await a woman who gives water to her friend in a glass in a dream.

Why is a glass dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

filled with – (sick) to recovery ; healthy – a new turn of affairs; empty – deception; broken – victory over enemies; to offer someone – misfortune with loved ones; they offer you – to a quarrel (if a friend, girlfriend); a woman offers someone – a love relationship; see Cup, Drink, Wine.

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