Dream Interpretation: Blanket

Why do I have a blanket

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

illness, if you are covered; new – moving, personal or service changes; cover (for women) – a new novel, (for men) – appointment.

The meaning of sleep about a blanket

by Freud’s dream book

Pull a blanket in a dream on yourself – you will meet a partner who will not satisfy you, but will require his own pleasure. Take cover in a dream with a blanket – in real life you suffer from the inattention and coldness of the opposite sex. Cover someone with a blanket – in reality, you will have to do serious business soon, all the time and energy will be spent on entertainment.

I dreamed of a blanket

according to Miller’s dream book

Dirty blankets in a dream mean betrayal, treachery. If they are new and clean, then the dream portends success in business, although there is a danger of failure. Divine Providence will help you avoid a deadly disease.

What is the dream of the bedspread

in Tsvetkov’s dream book

cm. Blanket.

What is the dream of the bed

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

to lie in bed – success, luck; empty – the death of a friend; own – personal life; strange bed – an unexpected turn of affairs; lie down, go to bed – illness, trouble; lying with a friend or someone of the same gender is a loss through stupidity; with a stranger of the opposite sex – good news; lay – passion with a scandal (for a woman), change of residence (for a man); bedroom – personal life, relationships; too chic, with aromas – doubtful connections; look at the open bed – fear of scandal, exposure; a stain on the sheets – reputation, a hindrance in litigation related to personal; sleeping on a bed outside the house is a profitable business, a pleasant event; sitting and crying is a great misfortune.

Dreaming a bed

from Loff’s dream book

Sometimes seeing yourself in bed is the result of a lucid dream. You are aware that you are sleeping, and your consciousness accepts the limitations of the state of sleep. However, a bed is often associated with laziness, illness, death, or sexual experience. If for you the bed embodies one of the above symbols, then the dream itself most likely reflects your perception of yourself. Freud interpreted the bed as a symbol of the womb. In fact, if you hide your head under a blanket on a cool autumn morning, the bed will become a utopian personification of paradise, which will reliably protect you from the hardships of the world.

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