Dream Interpretation: Bitterness

Why do we have bitterness

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to the joy of the person who caused this feeling.

I dreamed mourning

according to Miller’s dream book

To see yourself in a dream in mourning means illness and misfortune. If you see others in mourning, this portends the birth of ridiculous rumors about your guilt in the failures of other people. This dream is promised to lovers by a misunderstanding and, possibly, a break.

Why do you dream of grief

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to feel for no reason – malaise.

I dreamed of grief

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that a heavy grief descends on you and constrains your strength, portends that a catastrophe is fatally approaching you. Seeing others in grief means that many failures will fall on you.

To dream of losing dear people or objects

according to Loff’s dream book

Most dear to us things are a continuation of our self-awareness. Our favorite hat, car, or person dear to us reflects our vision of ourselves. Therefore, the loss of these objects or people means a lot to us. It also matters whether you actually own this item or not. If a lost item is a personal item, then what does it symbolize for you? Is it jewelry, favorite clothes, paintings or family jewelry? You may be nervous about losing a new, expensive, or important item. If you lose a person, then whom? Perhaps you are questioning your own devotion to another person or, conversely, that person’s devotion to you. However, it is likely that you will be looking for a stranger. Why are you looking for this person? Can you find him? Where?

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