Dream Interpretation: A Ball

Ball in a dream

from the dream book of Nostradamus

To see in a dream a ball of fire flying towards the Earth – such a dream indicates that a large meteorite is threatening the Earth in the future, which will bring destruction to our planet. Such a dream prophesies to a dreamer misfortune. If you dreamed of a globe, then this dream means that our planet is in real danger. Moreover, this danger does not come from outside, but it lies in the people themselves. The thing is that the planet’s population has completely forgotten that we live on a fragile star and that life itself has been granted to us from above. To each specific country, even to every person, it seems that he is stronger than others, and therefore the most important desire is the desire to prove to the world his own superiority with the help of weapons and violence. To dream of a huge dark ball approaching the Earth is a sign that the Earth is threatened by an environmental catastrophe and it will happen due to the emissions that various plants poison the air with. The time will come when a gray cloud will descend to Earth and people will experience a great need for air. If in a dream you saw a luminous ball on the surface of the Earth, then such a dream prophesies a visit to the Earth by living beings from another planet who come into contact with earthlings and tell them a lot of new and interesting things. Such a dream warns the dreamer that in the future he will encounter something hitherto unknown to him, which will cause him great fear. Running away from a ball of fire in a dream is an omen of a terrible war. Perhaps this will be the third world war, in which many countries of the world will be involved. Such a dream tells the dreamer that he personally will suffer heavy losses in the war, and maybe even take an active part in this terrible battle, not for life but for death.

Why does the ball dream

by Tsvetkov’s dream book


Had a dream about billiards

by Miller’s dream book

Billiards heralds the one who sees this sleep, impending troubles, as well as lawsuits and contention over property. Slander will harm you. If you see a billiard table and balls are not in the game, this means that cunning friends will harm you.

What is the dream of billiards

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

(roll balls) – court case; property litigation.

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