Dream Interpretation: Name

What is the name of dreaming

by Tsvetkov’s dream book

change – never get married (for a girl); to hear yours, but not the Call, are good news; written – litigation or service cases related to petitions, permits, etc .; to name your own name out loud – big changes, a long way; danger; someone else’s – to a named illness or divorce; write or written – the request will be granted; permission is obtained in deeds or in personal (marriage, blessing, promotion, etc.).

Dream Interpretation: Chasing Someone

To dream of chasing someone

by Loff’s dream book

Chasing a person you know may reflect your attempts to protect this person from yourself. Many people choose illogical and even destructive paths, so our first impulse is to catch up and direct them in the right direction, “set the right path.” But such dreams can have a slightly different character – heroic. In order to change relations for the better, you are chasing someone who is opposed to you or someone you love. Perhaps you don’t even know who you are chasing, but you know about the negative attitude of the person fleeing to people close to you – those who run may be their boss, a criminal who terrorized them, or some other negative character. If you can’t remember the reason for the persecution, then try to focus on the emotions and feelings associated with this.

Dream Interpretation: Searchlight

The meaning of sleep about a spotlight

by Freud’s dream book

To see an unlit spotlight in a dream means (if you are a woman) that in real life you often manage to get away from having sex, motivating this your headache, critical days, fatigue and overwork. And your partner trusts this fairy tale trustingly. And what can you say about the fact that headaches are perfectly cured by having sex, during which there is an active production of hormones that affect well-being?

Dream Interpretation: Yula

The meaning of sleep about Yule

by Freud’s dream book

Start Yule – you will meet a person who will cause you very strong sympathy and desire. However, if you find yourself in bed with this “sexy guy”, you will be disappointed with his temperament – he will be so weaker than yours that you will have to spend more than one hour to “warm up” this ice. If in a dream you see a child playing a jule, then you simply do not have enough affection and tenderness; you are looking for a warm relationship with your loved ones, but they are too busy with themselves to pay attention to your “dislike”.

What is the dream about Yule

from Wang’s dream book

To dream of an inactive yule is a sign of stagnation, apathy, depression, which will not pass soon. If the yule spins in a dream, it means that in the near future the events in your life will develop so quickly that you will not have time to ponder what is happening. Such a rhythm will lead you into confusion and confusion, but then understanding and comfort will come. Run Yule in a dream – in reality you will feel the need to change something in your life, and this should be spiritual improvement, spiritual work.

I dreamed of a spinning top

from Miller’s dream book

To see a spinning top in a dream means that you will become entangled in empty chores. Seeing a spinning top means that you are wasting yourself on trifles. A spinning top also means indiscriminate friendships that can lead you into a dead end.

Dream Interpretation: Deafness, Blindness, Loss Of Ability Of Feelings

Why dream of deafness, blindness, loss of ability of feelings

according to Miller’s dream book

It is not clear to lose why one of the sensory abilities is not at all like to be injured in an accident, Bezo for any reason, the image disappears. Such a dream makes you wonder if you are able to cope with the responsibilities that daily life imposes on you, in addition, such dreams reflect a person’s unwillingness to assume the role of a HERO. The role of the hero can be quite intrusive, and it is not necessary that you accept it with joy. Suddenly, a sense of duty and responsibility awaits you in relation to those with whom you are not bound by any obligations in life. This makes the situation difficult. Many of us are simply trying to fulfill our responsibilities towards people around us. Another variant of the unfolding scenario is a loss of sensitivity in exchange for something or someone. The notorious expression “I would give a lot for …” expresses a person’s desire to exchange his ability to feel for something more valuable. Note that our mind often uses the principle of exchange to help us test the relative value of relationships and objects. Such losses often carry a touch of martyrdom, especially in cases of loss of sensory ability as a result of illness. Loss is perceived as an adequate replacement for something that was obtained during sleep or in real life.

Dream Interpretation: Mine

Why is mine dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

trap; if you fall, your friend will prevent it.

The meaning of sleep about mine

according to Freud’s dream book

To see yourself in the mine, you need to completely relax, only then you can experience all the pleasure that sex can give. Until then, every lovemaking will leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste. A collapsed mine is a symbol of the failure of sex. You may find yourself in a stupid position, hoping that you will have sex with a certain person, but he does not want to. To go down into a mine in a dream – you will find quite a long abstinence due to the absence of your partner.

Dreamed of a mine

from Miller’s dream book

See the mine in your dreams – means that enemies are finding a way to ruin you, bringing out your past sins and trying to discredit your name. Perhaps you will make unpleasant trips if in a dream you dream that you are standing near the mine. If you dream that you are looking for minerals, it means that you will join in worthless searches. To see oneself in a mine means failure in business. Owning a mine in a dream – portends wealth in the future.

The meaning of sleep about coal

by Freud’s dream book

If you saw coal in a dream, then in your life something completely unplanned will happen. So that events do not catch you by surprise, it is better now to decide what is important for you in life and what can be left behind the scenes. Get dirty in the corner – you will learn about deception from the side of a person close to you. The most unpleasant thing will be that you got used to this man for a very long time, were afraid to lose him, and now that you finally calmed down and completely trusted him, he will betray you. If in a dream you burned the stove with coal, then you have to endure a difficult time: you will need maximum effort and patience, you should not relax.

I dreamed of a mineral

according to Miller’s dream book

Seeing a mineral in a dream means that the disappointing perspective in the present will begin to improve soon. Wandering the slopes of the mine – portends a disaster that you will be able to avoid and improve your position.