Dream Interpretation: Path

Dreamed of a path

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are walking along a narrow and uneven path, tripping over stones and other obstacles, portends that a collision with many misfortunes will be extremely annoying and unbalancing. To dream that you are trying to find a path means that you will fail at the very end of the work that you hoped to successfully complete in the near future. Walking along a path lined with flowers and grass promises you liberation from the love that has been bothering you for a long time.

Dream Interpretation: Cornflower

The meaning of sleep about cornflower

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed of cornflower, this indicates that having sex with your partner fits into the definition: simple, but tasteful. Tearing cornflowers in a dream – a dream means that changes will soon begin in your life. They will be associated with a new partner (partner), which (which) will be distinguished by simplicity and naivety.

Dream Interpretation: Museum

Why is the museum dreaming

based on Tsvetkov’s dream book

a series of changes; parents or past related to parents; see the Exhibition, Gallery.

I dreamed of a museum

based on Miller’s dream book

To dream about a museum means that you will experience many different events in your life, striving to establish their position in life. You will gain useful knowledge that will allow you to look in the best light and significantly overtake your peers in mastering the culture. If you dream of a tastelessly furnished museum with an unattractive exposition, then in reality life will give you many reasons for sincere disappointment.

The meaning of sleep about the exhibit

according to Freud’s dream book

museum exhibits in a dream – a dream means that some problem is oppressing you, and it seems very difficult to solve it. In fact, you are just too lazy to deal with its decision; you prefer to wait for help from the outside. Seeing yourself as a museum exhibit will probably seem strange and even shocking to you, but the dream you saw proves your tendency to exhibitionism.

Why does the gallery dream

by dream book of Tsvetkov

see Exhibition.

Why the exhibition is dreaming

based on Tsvetkov’s dream book

to be on it is for good luck; to hang pictures – to a reward; to shoot is ingratitude, disappointment.

The meaning of sleep about the excursion

according to Freud’s dream book

Going on a tour in a dream – this dream means that c. In real life, you are trying to hide a secret from your loved ones regarding your intimate life. For some reason, you think that they will not approve of what they learn. Accompany an excursion in a dream as a guide or guide – you have already accumulated enough experience so that you can share it with others. The next time you make love, try not only to have fun, but also teach your partner something.

Dream Interpretation: Ant

To see an ant in a dream

from the animal dreambook

It means hard work. For the Chinese, the ant is a “righteous insect,” order, virtue, patriotism, subordination. The Greeks have the attribute of Ceres. The Hindus have a transitory nature of being.

Ants dreamed

from Miller’s dream book

Those who dream of ants will be followed by minor troubles all day. Moving away from himself all these insignificant reasons for irritation, he will discover the true reason for his deep dissatisfaction with his position.

What do ants dream of

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book


Dream Interpretation: January

I dreamed of a jelly

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are eating jelly means that you will find many obstacles to your goal that you can easily overcome. For a woman to see the preparation of the jelly is for pleasant meetings with friends.

The meaning of sleep about jelly

according to Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed about jelly – this suggests that in real life you are a very gentle person who meekly allows you to control yourself. In addition, you are passive in bed and you never take a step forward, waiting for the manifestation of initiative from a partner. Such passivity quickly becomes boring and frustrating, as a result of which your relationship quickly collapses. So think about your own weakness.

Dream Interpretation: Bitterness

Why do we have bitterness

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to the joy of the person who caused this feeling.

I dreamed mourning

according to Miller’s dream book

To see yourself in a dream in mourning means illness and misfortune. If you see others in mourning, this portends the birth of ridiculous rumors about your guilt in the failures of other people. This dream is promised to lovers by a misunderstanding and, possibly, a break.

Why do you dream of grief

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

to feel for no reason – malaise.

I dreamed of grief

from Miller’s dream book

To dream that a heavy grief descends on you and constrains your strength, portends that a catastrophe is fatally approaching you. Seeing others in grief means that many failures will fall on you.

To dream of losing dear people or objects

according to Loff’s dream book

Most dear to us things are a continuation of our self-awareness. Our favorite hat, car, or person dear to us reflects our vision of ourselves. Therefore, the loss of these objects or people means a lot to us. It also matters whether you actually own this item or not. If a lost item is a personal item, then what does it symbolize for you? Is it jewelry, favorite clothes, paintings or family jewelry? You may be nervous about losing a new, expensive, or important item. If you lose a person, then whom? Perhaps you are questioning your own devotion to another person or, conversely, that person’s devotion to you. However, it is likely that you will be looking for a stranger. Why are you looking for this person? Can you find him? Where?

Dream Interpretation: Interrogation

Why is the interrogation dreaming

according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

(with torture) – great happiness in a year or two; see Interrogating.

I dreamed of a spy

from Miller’s dream book

If you dream that spies are bothering you, then you are in danger of quarrels and troubles. If in a dream you yourself turn out to be a spy, it means that you have to conclude unsuccessful transactions or carry out business operations that will not bring the desired results.